Address. Kagoma, Jinja, UG 256

Tel. +256-755-983 964

© 2018 Foundation Of Hope Uganda

Thank you for supporting our work in rescuing orphans and vulnerable children!

Foundation of Hope Uganda uses your gifts to carry out the Great Commission by rescuing vulnerable kids one at a time. But one of our goals is to transform whole communities in a “ripple effect,” growing a legacy of health, hope, and faith wherever we work. We need your help! Your time and energy, as well as your gifts and prayers, make it possible for us to minister to children, families, and communities

Your gift will help us meet needs and in turn, improves the lives of the children we rescue and care for and provides hope for a brighter future:

  • A warm bed and shelter to call home

  • Mosquito netting to combat the spread of malaria

  • Filters to keep water clean and safe

  • Food for the children

  • Education for all

  • HIV/AIDS sensitization

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